Medical Weight Loss Center

Our program combines nutritional education, fitness training and supportive medication to give you the tools for lasting weight loss success.



A HCG injection is considered highly effective for losing weight. There is strong speculation that the hormone reacts with the hypothalamus gland, which explains why noticeable weight loss can occur upon receiving the injections. It results in more fat being released within the body, meaning it won’t require as much fat from food that has been consumed. HCG injections – in combination with a low-calorie diet – can lead to rapid weight loss in both women and men, and tends to eliminate hunger, with the exception of mild hunger in the first week. This makes it a very appealing weight loss method to many.


“A total health solution” • Medically supervised and supportive weight loss • Individualized programs for each of our clients • Supportive education materials and dietary teaching • Emphasis on total lifestyle modification

Initial visit entails focused physical examination which includes electrocardiogram, blood work, and consultation with board certified providers of Internal Medicine. Subsequent visits focus on weekly weight, blood pressure evaluation, and medication if deemed necessary.

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